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Tickaroo 2019 Captures Lead Early to Defeat Gallier 2019

Gallier 2019 watched the game slip away early and couldn’t recover in a 23-14 loss to Tickaroo 2019 on Friday. Tickaroo 2019 scored on a single by Philip Gaag / Philip in the first inning, a single by Dani Wöckel / Dani in the first inning, a single by Gast Nico Nico in the first inning, a single by Gast Chrissy Chrissy in the first inning, a groundout by Gast Ric Ric in the first inning, a single by Chris Hengel / Chris in the first inning, a double by Christian Bahl / Bodo in the first inning, a single by Wöckel / Dani in the first inning, a single by Vahram Mirzoyan / Vahram in the first inning, a single by Hengel / Chris in the second inning, and a grand slam by Gaag / Philip in the second inning.

Willy Vogel / Willy collected four hits in defeat. Vogel / Willy tripled in the first, homered in the third, singled in the fourth, and homered in the sixth.
Tickaroo 2019 opened up scoring in the first inning. Gaag / Philip singled on the first pitch of the at bat, scoring one run.

Mico Weigert / Mico was on the rubber for Tickaroo 2019. They went seven innings, allowing 14 runs on 18 hits and striking out two.

Søren Dinesen / Søren was in the circle for Gallier 2019. They allowed 13 hits and 19 runs over three and a third innings. Ronny Bullmann / Bulli threw three and two-thirds innings in relief out of the bullpen.

Gallier 2019 socked three home runs on the day. Sebastian Kraußer / Sebi put one out in the first inning. Vogel / Willy had a four bagger in the third and sixth innings.

Gallier 2019 tallied 18 hits. Kraußer / Sebi, Philipp Pfadenhauer / Phipson, Vogel / Willy, Bullmann / Bulli, and Felix Abert / Feix all had multiple hits for Gallier 2019. Vogel / Willy, Pfadenhauer / Phipson, and Kraußer / Sebi all had four hits to lead Gallier 2019.

Tickaroo 2019 collected 22 hits. Bahl / Bodo, Nico, Wöckel / Dani, Hengel / Chris, Chrissy, Gaag / Philip, and Mirzoyan / Vahram each managed multiple hits for Tickaroo 2019. Bahl / Bodo led Tickaroo 2019 with four hits in six at bats.

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02.08.2019 17:30 Gruppe B Gruppenphase 2019


Donaustaufer Str. 260, 93055 Regensburg, Germany


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