Conti Tigers637355X29310Win
Laub Raiders051221X11170Loss



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Early Lead For Conti Tigers 2018 Seals Fate For Laub Raiders 2018

Laub Raiders 2018 fell behind early and couldn’t come back in a 29-11 loss to Conti Tigers 2018 on Friday. Conti Tigers 2018 scored on a home run by Simon Pflaum / PFLAUM, a home run by Jürgen Bock / BOCK, a double by Florian Hüttinger / FLORIAN, and a single by Nhikol Alzaul / CHEWBACCA in the first inning.

Niclas Stepniak / Nic collected four hits in defeat. Stepniak / Nic singled in the first, tripled in the second, doubled in the fourth, and singled in the fifth.

Conti Tigers 2018 opened up scoring in the first inning. Pflaum / PFLAUM homered on a 0-2 count, scoring two runs.

Laub Raiders 2018 tallied five runs in the second inning. Julia McMahon / Julia, Michael Weininger / Kaleu, Joseph Brey / Sepp, and Stepniak / Nic all contributed in the big inning with RBIs.

Conti Tigers 2018 scored seven runs in the third inning. The big inning for Conti Tigers 2018 came thanks to a home run by Guest Arland Torres / Boricua and a double by Klaus Baldauf / BALU.

Lutz Bauersachs / Lutz toed the rubber for Conti Tigers 2018. She went six innings, allowing 11 runs on 17 hits and striking out three.

Stepniak / Nic got the start for Laub Raiders 2018. She surrendered 29 runs on 31 hits over six innings.

Conti Tigers 2018 socked seven home runs on the day. Alzaul / CHEWBACCA had a homer in the fifth and sixth innings. Baldauf / BALU went yard in the sixth inning. Bock / BOCK put one out in the first inning. Deepak Chhabra / DEEPAK had a homer in the second inning. Pflaum / PFLAUM went deep in the first inning. Torres / Boricua had a long ball in the third inning.

Laub Raiders 2018 collected 17 hits. Stepniak / Nic, Weininger / Kaleu, Charles Beckler / Charlie, Florian Aichinger / Flo, Robert Flynn / Bobby, and Brey / Sepp all had multiple hits for Laub Raiders 2018. Stepniak / Nic went 4-for-4 at the plate to lead Laub Raiders 2018 in hits. Laub Raiders 2018 was sure-handed and didn’t commit a single error. Barbara Stepniak / Barbara made the most plays with four.

Conti Tigers 2018 saw the ball well today, racking up 31 hits in the game. Pflaum / PFLAUM, Alzaul / CHEWBACCA, Torres / Boricua, Chhabra / DEEPAK, Hüttinger / FLORIAN, Baldauf / BALU, and Guest Franky each collected multiple hits for Conti Tigers 2018. Conti Tigers 2018 didn’t commit a single error in the field. Chhabra / DEEPAK had seven chances in the field, the most on the team.


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